来自高考英语作文范文中的短语及例句- 天天背10个,写作不发愁

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本文摘要:A、表时间的短语1. once2. the other day3. tomorrow (morning )4. yesterday (afternoon )5. on April 46. in April ,20207. at 4:00 on the morning of April 4 ,20208. in 19909. on a winter morning10. at the age of 12 /when I was 10 years old11. last yea


A、表时间的短语1. once2. the other day3. tomorrow (morning )4. yesterday (afternoon )5. on April 46. in April ,20207. at 4:00 on the morning of April 4 ,20208. in 19909. on a winter morning10. at the age of 12 /when I was 10 years old11. last year/week/Sunday12. on Sunday13. on Saturday morning14. this year/this weekend/this morning15. during the summer vacation16. during the spring festival17. on holiday18. the day before yesterday19. the day after tomorrowB、表所在的短语1. in the street2. In the middle of the city3. on the playground4. in the office5. at home6. on the farm7. on the island8. in the field9. in these areas10. at the crossing11. on the right/left12. in the south of China13. at the meeting14. in our class/school15. at school16. at workC、小我私家生活的短语1、was/were born in 19962、was/were born a musician3、was born blind4、died in 19805、grow up6、 bring sb up7、receive education8、educate sb9、get a chance to do sth10、get married (to )11、get/hurt/burned in an accident12、get ill13、get readyD、日常生活和学习的动词短语1. want to do sth2. decide to do sth3. go to fetch some water4. tend to do5. come to help me6. offer to do …7. offer sb some help8. can’t afford to buy a house9. allow/permit sb to do sth10. fordid sb to do sth11. ask/tell/order sb to do sth12 would like/want sb to do sth13. be determined to do sth14. make up one’s mind to do sth15. try one’s best to do sth16. try to do17. attempt to do18. manage to do19. make great efforts to do sthE、与灾难事故有关的动词短语1、an earthquake/hurricane/sandstorm hit/struck a place2、sth took place/happened /broke out in a place3、put out a fire4、escape from a place5、be badly damaged6、be seriouly destroyed/ruined7、get close to8、cause an accident/great loss9、were killed10、fall over11、knock into sb12、knock sb down /over13、hit/run into sb14、cut off electricity/the water supply15、blow down the trees16、wash good soil away17、pollute sth18、is polluted19、cause 10 deaths20、be/get injured/hurt/burnedF、其他常用短语1、pay attention to sth 注意/关注某事2、draw sb’s attention to sth 吸引某人对某事的注意。3、show/take great (no) interest in 对某事很是感兴趣4、show sb around a place 带某人观光某地5、measure sth 丈量某个工具6、weigh sth 称某个工具的重量7、make a living 营生8、make a phone call (to sb) 给某人打个电话9、develop our economy 生长经济10、make the classroom clean 把课堂弄洁净11、find sb doing 发现某人在做某事12、see/hear sb do /doing sth 瞥见某人正在做某事13、make good use of sth 充实使用某个工具14、get good marks 考到好的分数15、delay/put off a meeting 推迟集会16、put sth on /in/under… 把某工具放在某个地方18、stay alone 单独呆着19、talk with sb (about sth )和某人谈论某事20、make good progress 取得很大的进步21、make great efforts to do… 尽很大努力做某事22、have a bad /good effect/influence/impact on sth 对某人或某事有好的或坏的影响23、take (immediate/effective)measures to do sth 连忙接纳措施做某事/接纳有效措施做某事24、be lost /missing/gone 丢失/不见25、lose one’s way 迷路26、do harm to 对某人或某事有害be harmful to 对某人或某事有害be good/bad for 对某人或某事有利益或者有坏处。27、help to do 资助做某事28、help sb to do 帮某人做某事29、have lessons 上课30、be/get ready to do /for sth 准备好做某事31、ask for a day off 请一天假32、go to visit sb/pay a visit to sb 造访某小我私家33、take exercise 磨炼身体34、do mornig exercises 做早操35、save us a lot of money 给我们省许多钱36、arrive at/return to a place 到达某地/回到某地37、have lunch 吃午饭38、take medicine 吃药39、drink water 喝水40、pay some money for sth 付钱买工具42、protect sb against sth 掩护某人不受某事伤害43、stop/prevent/keep sb from doing 阻止某人做某事44、exist / last 4 days 存在/连续4天45、die of 死于某个原因46、suffer from 遭受了什么痛苦47、send sb to a place 送某人到某个地方48、rise/go up/increase /reduce /fall/drop by 30%增加/淘汰几多49、join the army/Party 参军/入党50、be admitted into a place 被允许进入某地51、graduate from a school从某校结业52、learn to do 学会做某事#教育微头条# #微头条日签#其他常用短语53、know about 相识 知道54、get/have a knowledge of 获得一门知识55、set an example to sb 给某人树立模范56、learn from 向某人学习57、receive an invitation to a party 收到到场一个聚会的请帖58、hear from him 收到某人的来信59、be invited to a party/meeting 被邀请去到场一个聚会60、receive sb’s letter 收到某人的来信61、write to sb 给某人写信62、finish doig 做完某事63、practise doing sth 训练做某事64、prefer to do …rather than do sth 宁愿做某件事而不愿意做另外一件事65、would like to do …想做某事66、intend/mean/hope to do sth 计划/希望做某事67、like to do /doing68、surf the internet69、surf on line70、protect the environment71、protect nature72、go to school by bike73、drive to school74、in this way75、be friendly to sb76、be kind to sb77、be active78、has a large population /a population of 10,000 people79、has a long history/a history of 200 years 有悠久的历史80、waste some time doing sth 浪费时间做某事81、spend some time doing sth 花时间做某事82、improve sth 改善/提高某一件事83、 be strict with sb. 对某人很严格84、be likely to do sth 很可能做某事85 、be sure to do sth 肯定做某事典型例句:1. I’m glad to receive your letter.In your letter you asked me what I would do on Mother’s Day. Here I’d like to tell you something about my plan. Firstly, I think I should….2. I’m writing to tell you about the exciting activity I took part in on April 16th, 2006.3. I’m writing to you to talk about occupations for college students.4. I’m glad to know that you are coming to Sichuan in August.5. Ladies and gentlemen, I have something to announce.6. Welcome to out school. Now please allow me to intruduce you some of our school rules here.7. I’m glad to learn that you are coming to China and will stay at my home..8. I’m sorry that I won’t be able to attend the lecture on American history tomorrow afternoon.9. I’d like to recommend the following two dictionaries.10. The students of class 3 have had a discussion about whether it is necessary to start learning English from childhood..11. I’m writing to tell you about the discussion whether it is necessary to start learning English from childhood.12. I’m writing to ask you to come and give us a talk on American films and film-making industry.13.Some others have just the opposite opinion.14.In my opinion, there are many advantages of attending school abroad.15.However, there are also some disadvantages.16.Some of them think that we should start learning English from childhood.17.The International Youth Art Festival is to be held in our city.18.From this poem/picture, we can know that a woman’s husband has gone away.19.The picture /graph/survey shows that only 20% of the time is taken up with sports activities.20. According to the survey/graph ,……21. Chart 1 shows that ……22. With the development to science and technology/car industry/the economy of our country/the increasing of the population,traffic in cities is getting heavier and heavie//the environment is being polluted more and more seriously.23. At about 9 o’clock yesterday evening, I was busy preparing for tomorrow’s test when suddenly loud noise came into my room.24. Over the past 20 years or so, great changes have taken place in my hometown.25. As is known to all, computers have played an important role/part in our daily life.26. His job is to look after the children.27. There is no doubt that he is guilty.28. The harder you work, the more progress you’ll make.29. So precious is time that we can’t afford to waste it.30. It took the students 2 hours to do their homework every day.31. Polluted air and water are harmful to people’s health.32. Generally speaking, women are more careful than men.33. Compared with men, women are more careful.34. I’d prefer to go to movies rather than stay at home.35. It is believed/said/reported that…..37. I think/feel/consider/find it necessary for us to take some measures to protect the environment.38. We had better do….39. It is clear/certain that it is necessary for students to surf the Internet.40. There are more and more trees in and around the village.41. It seems that nothing can prevent him from going abroad.42. The reason why he was late for school is that his bike broke down on the way.43. What I want to do most is to do……44. My favourite hobby is doing……45. She spends some time doing sth.46.It seems /seemed /happens/chances that……。